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Employ My Ability based at The Walled Garden, Moreton and now Thorngrove Garden Centre, Gillingham is a unique place for our students, staff and customers. We provide many different vocational training opportunities within our commercial settings. Alongside the acquisition of work-skills, training and real life work-experience we enable our students to leave with worthwhile qualifications and a pathway into employment within their local community.

Our students engage with personal timetables and work alongside our tutor-trained industry professionals to develop understanding of the skills required for the workplace. Students follow the Employ My Ability Curriculum and access the wide variety of extra-curricular activities that this offers.

With visitors, tourists and regular customers being drawn to both our sites throughout the year, we set high expectations, standards of service and consequential learning is experienced throughout. Students regularly interact with customers and develop essential social and communication skills. Our students complete tasks that are relevant, worthwhile and have real outcomes for the development of their own learning.

Real work – Our business, their business, everyone’s business

Employ My Ability is committed to developing successful and self-sufficient businesses so that our young people develop a real understanding of the working world. It is our belief that successful vocational learning can only take place in a real working environment. That only when serving actual customers, whilst delivering real services, products or projects can the classroom theories of vocational studies be fully understood and applied.


If you are interested in finding out more about us and would like to have a look around – we are more than happy to organise this. Just contact us on 01929 405685.We believe every young person is different and we embrace this individuality ensuring each young person’s transition is tailored to meet their needs.

Taster Sessions

We are more than happy to organise taster sessions for young people to give them an insight into what we do and support them in making their choice about their future.


If you would like to come and visit us and have a look at Employ My Ability and meet staff and students, we are more than happy to arrange this.


Once you have all the information and decide EMA is the place for you – we will send you a referral form to complete. Once completed this can be emailed or posted back to us.

Student Assessment

After we receive your completed referral we will arrange a time for our assessment to be completed. One of the team will come out and meet with you and your family – in order to complete the assessment. This ensures we have all the information we need to support you academically and emotionally.


Funding options will be discussed with you throughout the assessment period.

The team and I welcome you to see the opportunities available at Employ My Ability. Please download our full prospectus here and visit www.employmyability.org.uk for more information.

Employ My Ability

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