Bulbs & Seeds

Bulbs aren’t just for spring: you can have flowering bulbs in your garden all year round with a little planning. At Thorngrove Garden Centre we stock bulbs seasonally, so you’ll find spring and summer bulbs on sale in autumn, and late-season bulbs on our shelves from spring. Choose bulbs for every season to enjoy colour from January till December!

Watching a seed germinate and grow is a hugely exciting part of your gardening year: You hardly dare believe it’s going to work, yet invariably that tiny kernel sends up a sturdy green sprout. The plants you raise from seed are always a bit special, so this year try raising something new from the hundreds of varieties from our garden centre.


Annual plants are here-today, gone-tomorrow party girls. They may have just one season in the sun, but what a season. They flower for an incredibly long time and are invariably so spectacularly beautiful you’ll lose your heart to them.

We work with local specialist growers to bring you a huge selection of annual bedding plants ready for you to plant out once risk of frosts are over for a magnificent summer display of vibrant colour.

Trees and Shrubs

Every garden should have a tree: they’re not only beautiful plants in their own right, they also cast soothing shade, provide valuable privacy and often give you flowers, fruit and spectacular autumn leaf colour too. Choose trees and shrubs from our range at Thorngrove Garden Centre to build the architectural backbone of your garden. In summer when other plants are showing off, trees and shrubs melt into the background, but they all have a moment when it’s their turn to shine – often in the depths of winter when there’s little else around


A rose in full bloom stops you in your tracks. It steals your heart with its paper-delicate petals and lures you in with its heady, romantic scent. Once you’re truly captivated it’s hard to resist filling your garden with the sumptuous butter yellows, sugar-spun pink, graceful white and blood red petals of this queen of flowers. We’re in love with roses too, so we’ve got a variety here at Thorngrove Garden Centre to grace every spot in your garden.

Soil and Fertilisers

The soil beneath your feet is your most precious resource in the garden: look after it, and your plants thrive. There’s a huge range of bagged multi-purpose and specialist composts, soil improvers and liquid fertilisers at Thorngrove Gillingham to keep container plants happy and your soil in tip-top health.


The real heart-stopping, breath-taking beauty of a garden comes from that most easy-going of all the plant groups: the perennials, generous, free-flowering plants which die down each winter only to bubble up again from spring, peaking in midsummer with a firework display of flowers. Pack your garden with perennials from the huge selection here at Thorngrove Garden Centre and you’ll have something in flower for every week of the year.


When you’ve crammed every inch of space on the ground with plants, the only way is up. Clothe your walls in greenery and smother your sheds in flowers to double your planting space and turn your garden into a green sanctuary from the outside world. Climbers are one of the most versatile groups of plants in our garden centre and we’ve got a great selection for you to choose from such as Clematis, Wisteria, Honeysuckles and much more.

Containers, Tools and Treatments

Most plants will grow quite happily in containers and you can make just as fabulous a display using plants in containers as you can in the garden – great news if you’re short on outdoor space. Here at Thorngrove you’ll find a container for every plant: just match your plants to the pot that suits it best for instant success.

Tools are a gardener’s best friend – and top of the list come your trusty hand tools, pressed into daily service for everything from pruning to digging to sowing to weeding. Here at Thorngrove you’ll find the basic kit for starting out: border spades and forks to turn your soil, hand tools for close-up weeding and secateurs for pruning, trimming and dead-heading.

In the battle against all the creepy crawlies which would like to enjoy your plants as much as you do, it’s a good idea to be well-armed. You’ll find everything you need to fight the good fight at Thorngrove Garden Centre – Sprays, Barriers and Organic Deterrents.

Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy and supremely tasty, fresh-picked fruit from the garden is one of the real luxuries of growing your own. A British climate is perfect for growing so many different types from tart rhubarb in early spring to sweet summer strawberries and crunchy autumn apples. We stock a huge fruit range in our garden centre here at Thorngrove, look out for container-grown bushes and trees to buy all year round, or in winter bare-root plants which establish in double-quick time.

Harvesting vegetables from your garden is hugely satisfying, and you’ll revolutionise your taste-buds. Food picked just minutes before it’s on your plate has a colour, flavour and crunchiness that have to be experienced to be believed. We have everything here at Thorngrove Garden Centre to turn your garden into a haven of productivity from Sets & Seed Potatoes, Plug Plants and Perennial Vegetables.


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