Gardening Tips – April

Even though the garden centre is closed, our expert advice doesn’t stop! Chris has offered more tips, and here’s what you should be doing in your garden this April…
🍅Sow vegetable seeds such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, and chillies …also beetroot, carrots and radishes!
🌿Keep on top of the weeding
🌱Sow new lawns or repair bare patches that may have appeared over the Winter
🌾If you have Bamboos or Water Lilies now a good time to divide them
Will you be planting seeds for your own vegetable patch? What’s your favourite veg to grow yourself? Let us know, and when the time comes, we want to see your veg photos!
UPDATE – April 9th:
🌱The days are getting longer, and with your houseplants getting more sunlight, it’s best to increase your watering of them. Check every few days.
🌱Clean shiny-leaved plants with a damp cloth, and spiky plants with a soft brush
🌱Sow your hardy annuals, wildflowers and herbs outdoors
🌱Fig trees can now be pruned!
How’s your April gardening going? Is there anything we can help with? Post your questions here and we’ll see if we can get Chris to help you out. 😊
If there’s anything you need for your garden work right now, delivery is available, free to the local area:


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