Gardening Tips July – Summer Garden!

Our gardening tips for the month of July are here. Let’s help you make the most of your summer garden.

🌱🌼 July Gardening Tips 🌼🌱

Summer is in full swing, and there’s lots of ways you can make the most of your garden this month. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, here are our top five gardening tips for July to help you keep your garden flourishing.

1️⃣ Add Colourful Annuals: Brighten up your garden with vibrant summer annuals. Consider planting marigolds, petunias, geraniums, and cosmos – we have so many others to choose from here at Thorngrove. These flowers will add a pop of colour and attract pollinators to your garden.

2️⃣ Prune and Deadhead: Give your flowering plants a little TLC by removing spent blooms. Deadheading encourages new growth and prolongs the blooming period. Trim back overgrown shrubs and hedges to maintain their shape and stimulate healthy growth.

3️⃣ Sow Summer Vegetables: July is the ideal time to sow a variety of delicious summer vegetables. Try planting runner beans, cabbage, courgettes, squashes, tomatoes (last chance!), and salad greens. Don’t forget to provide support for climbing plants and protect your crops from pests with nets or companion plants.

4️⃣ Embrace Watering Techniques: As the temperatures rise, it’s crucial to keep your plants hydrated. Water deeply in the morning or evening to minimise evaporation. Mulching around your plants will also help retain moisture in the soil.

5️⃣ Create a Wildlife Haven: Make your garden a haven for wildlife by incorporating native plants and creating sheltered areas. Install a bird feeder or a butterfly house to attract these beautiful creatures. Don’t forget to provide a water source like a shallow dish or a birdbath for them to drink and bathe in.

By following these easy gardening tips, you’ll ensure your garden stays beautiful and productive throughout the summer months. Remember to take breaks, and stay hydrated!

If you need any gardening supplies or expert advice, stop by Thorngrove garden centre here in Gillingham. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect plants, tools, and accessories for your garden.

Happy gardening! 🌿🌸🌞



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