Gardening Tips – May

🌺What should you be doing in your garden this month?🌺
Chris has put together the following garden tips for the month of May. (more tips in a few days!)
🌱If you haven’t already, plant your hanging baskets now so they’ll be ready for the summer! We have a very large selection of basket and patio plants here at Thorngrove. We also have a wide range of bedding plants. We can advise you on what’s best to use, and we’re also offering pre-made hanging baskets for delivery.
💦When watering your pots and baskets, do so either early morning or late evening to get the most out of your water.
❄️If planting out young plants be mindful that we could still get some FROST so be prepared to cover them with fleece to protect them.
🌿Regularly hoe weeds.
🌱Mow your lawns weekly to encourage healthy growth. If the grass looks a bit yellow after you’ve cut it, your mower blade might be too low and need raising.
🌞Keep your Greenhouse vented on warm days
💦Keep on top of watering!
🎋Lift and Divide overcrowded clumps of Daffodils.
🌱Summer bedding can be planted later in May once all the frost has passed.
How’re your gardens looking? Have you entered our spring competition on Facebook yet?


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