November in your garden…

If you can believe it, it’s just 7 weeks to Christmas and here at Thorngrove we have been very busy ourselves putting our herbaceous to bed for the Winter, just like you will be doing in your garden – as there is still plenty of things to be getting on with in these colder months to keep your garden safe and tidy, and get the most from your space this Winter.

  • Clear up fallen leaves – especially from lawns, Ponds and Borders . If you have space in the garden, put them in a heap to rot down and make leaf mould, as this makes an excellent soil improver! It will also help cut down on pest that may hibernate under the leaves.
  • If you have plants in containers outside raise them up on pot feet or bricks to help prevent water logging. If you have some that maybe a bit tender you can wrap your pots in bubble wrap to help stop the pots from freezing .
  • You still have time to plant Tulip bulbs for your spring displays!
  • Prune any roses to prevent wind rock.
  • Plant out Winter bedding such as pansies and primroses also wallflowers
  • There’s also still time to lift and divide overgrown clumps of herbaceous
  • Put bird food out to encourage Winter birds into the Garden. You’d be surprised how many of them are out there – The House Sparrow, Starling, Blue Tit and Goldfinch to name a few!
  • Use a seasonal Bonfire (safely! and if you’re allowed to) to dispose of excess debris which is unfit for composting.
  • Cut leaves of your Christmas and Lenten rose type Hellebores to make way for the flowers.
  • Ornamental Grasses and Bamboos can be cut back and tidied up this time of year, also lift your Dahlias, Cannas and tuberous bedding Begonias that have been hit by the first Frosts. Put them somewhere you can dry them out as this will prevent them from rotting before you put them away in a frost free place for the Winter.
  • Apply an Autumn mulch to help protect your plants that are borderline hardy such as Agapanthus, Kniphofias and Phygelius, the mulching will also help improve and maintain soil structure.

Pests and Diseases

Here are a few Pests and Diseases to watch out for even in Winter!

  • Downy Mildew and Blackspot on your Winter Pansies .
  • Watch out for Crown rot and Brown rots (Sclerotinia) on your died down Perennials especially if you’re on clay or poorly drained soil.
  • If you are growing Chrysanthemums check them regularly for signs of White Rust .
  • Grey mould or Botrytis can be problematic in wet weather especially on your Winter hardy Cyclamen .
  • As we previously mentioned, put grease-bands around the trunks of your fruit trees to prevent moth damage.

So there you go! Lots to be thinking about. Please also stop me or another member of the team here at Thorngrove for a chat if you need any further advice.

I would also like to take this opportunity to say come down to the garden centre and see our range of gifts in our shop, and we have a good selection of houseplants if you’re looking for that unusual gift for Christmas!

See you soon!


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