Plant of The Month – Callicarpa bush (Beauty Berry)

Known as the ‘beauty berry’, Callicarpa comes into its own in the autumn as it bears dense clusters of small jewel-like purple, mauve berries which look great against the bare stems.
Its dark green foliage also puts on a good show turning golden and red before the leaves fall. It’s a medium sized shrub and looks good in mixed boarder or planted as a specimen.
Best planted in groups of three so you will have lots of lovely berries for your Winter flower arrangements. They grow well in full sun or partial shade and like well drained soils.
They are easy to look after as they need very little pruning, all you need to do is remove any unwanted or damaged branches in early Spring. They are easy to propagate by layering or taking semi-ripe cuttings which can be placed in a cold frame or similar in the Summer (for those who are unsure, a semi-ripe cutting is green at the top and partly woody at the base. They can also be known as a heel cutting).
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