Plant of the month – July

Alstroemeria (peruvian lily)

Alstroemeria like well drained soil with plenty of organic matter.

They like full sun but a sheltered position away from prevailing winds, they will grow in partial shade just check varieties but full shade will have an impact on flowering.

They are also safe around animals such as cats and dogs.


This is best done by dividing large clumps in early Spring before new growth begins, cut of dead growth or cut back green growth to a height of six inches. Then dig several inches around the clump you want to divide, or you can do it from cuttings. They are also hardy and come in an array of colours.

The Alstoemeria flower has an array of meanings depending on the colour. But the beautiful blooms always connect to a similar meaning of friendship, love, strength and devotion. So makes a really good gift to give a friend or loved one.

So come on down to Thorngrove to see our range of different colours and buy one for your loved one.


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