Plant of the Month – May

Peonies are our Plant of the Month!

The blooms are appearing thick and fast and looking to steal the show in the courtyard at the moment.

🌷Tips and Facts🌷

They make stunning focal points in flower beds and borders, and their flowers are sought after for cut flower arrangements. Peonies are also suitable for container gardening, although they may require larger pots due to their extensive root systems.

The flowers come in a variety of forms, including single, semi-double, double, and bomb (with tightly packed petals). Peony flowers can be found in an extensive range of colours, including shades of white, pink, red, coral, and yellow.

They are also known for their longevity, with some plants living for decades. Whether planted as standalone specimens, mixed in perennial borders, or showcased in bouquets, they bring beauty and elegance to any landscape.


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