Plant of the Month – Paeonia (peony)

Paeonies are one of the glories of the flower border, in Spring or Summer the buds on top of the stalks open to produce blooms which put neighbouring plants to shame. The flowers can be 20cm (8inches) across they can be single, double or semi double, some varieties can also be fragrant 

Paeonies come in a range of colours Red, Pink, White and yellow. Some paeonies may not flower in there first year and it can take up to 3 years for plants to become established. 

They will do well in well drained soil in a sunny spot. But will also do well in clay soils as I have this in my own garden and my paeonies do very well . 


Buy from a reputable supplier-do not divide clumps 

So come on down to the Thorngrove Garden centre and see our range of Paeonies which are just about to burst into flower. 


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Thorngrove Garden Centre

Thorngrove Garden Centre