Plant of the Month – Pulmonaria

Chris’ plant of the month for March is Pulmonaria other wise known as common Lungwort or Jerusalem Sage!

Pulmonaria is an evergreen herbaceous perennial with clusters of funnel like flowers which are generally pink white red and blue.

It flowers in late Winter to early Spring Its leaves are patterned which intensify during the summer.

With a height of about 30cm, it’s also good for ground cover it will grow in full sun or partial shade. Pulmonarias can be grown in most soil types from clay to chalk. Pulmonarias will grow in a north, west or even an east facing garden. They are generally pest free, although they can suffer with powdery mildew in dry conditions – this is like a white powder on the leaves – if you get it just remove the most infected leaves and destroy them, and then spray the plant with a fungicide spray every ten to fourteen days. This should grow out during the winter. It spreads very easily by seed so you will soon have new ones popping up.

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