Summer is on its way

As the days get longer, the clock goes back, the birds are starting to sing their songs and the bees begin buzzing… that’s the time you can hear your garden calling. To have a garden is a luxury that never dies.

Welcome to the blog of Thorngrove Garden Centre, we are so happy to have you here as we talk all things gardening. Each month you will find our top tips to get the best out of your garden that month, our favourite flowers and plants and much more. Make sure you check in each month and don’t forget if you share what you are doing with your outdoor spaces, online – tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. The best thing about gardening is that we are all in this together.

As the bulbs fade and you’re proud of your beaming herbaceous borders, it is

now clear as the blue sky that summer is fast approaching. It’s that time of year that you can begin your sowing as well as planting your summer bedding. It’s

also that time of year to polish your watering can for the daily task of watering the plants which we like to call ‘you time’. Also, don’t forget to pop the lawn

mowing day back on your calendar as the grass will be growing quicker than at any other time of year which we have the beautiful sun to thank.


Summer Bedding Plants

DID YOU KNOW? At Thorngrove, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to grow the vast majority of our plants on site. We put just as much love into growing them as you will do when you take them home to continue nurturing in your garden.

BEGONIA: One of the most versatile bedding plants which makes these pretty flowers a personal favourite of ours. They come in a wide variety of colours

GERANIUM: A well-loved bedding plant and for a good reason too! These flowers are sturdy, sun-loving plants and are best suited in dry and hot conditions. A versatile plant perfect for trailing, climbing and upright varieties which work great in beds, borders, patio containers, hanging baskets and obelisks. Shades of pink, red and white are our most popular flowers.

SWEET PEA: With their delightful fragrance and their wide variety of colours, sweet peas are our most reliable summer bedding plants. Let them scramble up obelisks, netting or arches where they will reach all new heights or alternatively, try our dwarf sweet peas for excellent ground cover.


Whether you are new to the gardening world, or you an expert in the field; one thing we know that doesn’t go a miss is a visit to our BRAND NEW cafe! But Shhh…it’s a secret.

Our Secret Garden Cafe is your perfect escape from this busy world we live in, serving mouthwatering lunches, cakes, scones and pastries, with an impressive gluten free, vegetarian and vegan selection.

Please feel free to contact us to chat about our menu or to simply find our location – we know some secrets are too good to keep!


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