Thorngrove Closed…for now

Dear customers,

With the health and safety of our staff and customers being our number one priority, we must unfortunately confirm that for now, Thorngrove Garden Centre will be closing our doors to the public during this lockdown period. Like you, we hope that this isn’t for too long, and we will be back to normal service just as soon as we are able to. At this time, we are also no longer able to provide our delivery service but we are exploring ways to resume this if possible.

In the meantime, we are also looking in to stepping up our online activities and developing new ways to connect with our customers, keep you informed, and feeling less isolated however we can. We’re hoping to have experts on hand to give you tips on what you can be doing in your gardens, nursery updates from inside Thorngrove, hanging basket drop-offs to the local area, children’s activities on our website, and more.

We may be physically distant for a while, but we still have work to do, and we hope you’ll continue to connect and support us in these new ways over the coming weeks.

Updates will follow as soon as we have them, so please do spread the word, and stay well everyone. Thank you!

– The Thonrgrove team


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Thorngrove Garden Centre

Thorngrove Garden Centre